I deffinantly had a case of the crazy lady today! Stayed at home with Indi and veged out while Dirk and Rylie went to church. We were up all night with Rylie who is having problems sleeping and letting every one know about it! The only one getting any sleep is Indiana who sleeps from 6pm till 7am! Good little Vegemite!

Anywho I dont really have anything to say, I'm just playing around on here waiting for something amazing to happen .... at 11.18pm I think my chances are slim!

Tomorrow I start the 4th Work & Glory Book! I'm very excited! I bawled my eyes out today reading the last one which added to my surperb, hormonal, fun filled day so now i'm up for some more drama !!!


so Im guessing the CD player didn't work??? :(

25 June 2007 at 9:46 am  

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