Well, this is my first entry for our blog! Just a catch up for the last month, I was in hospital for 2 weeks where I had my gall bladder taken out. After much pain and a few too many trips to hospital, a gall stone that decided to go walkabout making me go jaundice, I was able to have things fixed up and shipped out! I'm feeling much better now! Home never looked so good.
I flew up to mum's in NSW for 5 days with the girls to visit my best friend Kathryn. That was an interesting experience. Three days after 2 operations, I found myself thinking what are you doing you idiot !!! Although I had a great time with Kat, I was very sore.
Myself & Indiana ended up with Bronchitis and we had Rylie in Maitland Hospital with Croup on our last night there! On top of all this Maitland was being flooded and we weren't sure we would make it home! We did of course and again, home never looked so good!


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