Myself, well ... I have been looking for partime work! Had a job interview today & I think it went alright! They had 60 ppl apply and only picked 3 people for the interview so even if I dont get it ... it was good for the self esteem trip! It was basically Bookkeeping and data entry & payroll stuff! but anywho .... Lost some weight recently 3.2 klos in a week! watch out QLD holiday next year... hot mumma coming to you LIVE from Melbourne! Dressed modestly of course!
Kids have been sick. Rylie with asthma, coughing her lungs up and then chucking up everywhere from coughing so much. I can tell you now I'M OVER IT! Indiana is teething but i'd like to say "SHOW ME THE TEETH!" she does have 8 teeth, but all this crapping on is well worth some show of toothy pegs by now!
Dirk is plugging along! Getting house hunting hungry! I think he has made our home sad! But things are moving along very well and soon we hope to be ripping apart a house and making it into our own masterpiece! Young Mens Keeps him busy and work is work! More nails in my washing machine, more woodchips in my shower! I Love my husband!!!

Love Us xox


Hi Melany,

It is lovely to hear from you!!! Your family is gorgeous. I can't believe it has been so long since we have seen each other (about 5 years?) You are looking great! I love your home business ideas as well. You are a smart cookie. Hey we will have to satch up sometime. I will give you a call soon or my number is (9873 0835). We have been really sick over the past week. (Which is why I haven't replied to your message until now). Zoe and I both had that nasty influenza that has been going around. We couldn't get out of bed for four days. Anyway we seem to be getting better now so we will have to get together sometime. I look forward to speaking soon.

Love Naomi

12 August 2007 at 10:24 pm  

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