This night had been planned for about 6 months and finally it came around, and all three of us girls, (Melissa, Laura and Myself) could not stop smiling from the time we woke up that morning!
It started on the 26th October, 2007. Melissa picked us up and we drove to the city where we found our 4 1/2 star FLASH hotel "The Pacific International" on little Burke st.
The Room was soooo nice but it didn't take us long to trash it with moving ma tresses around & spreading our crap around. Junk food was a necessity, not to mention Valet Parking!
We went to dinner & a movie at Crown (Don't EVER go and see "Good Luck Chuck") and caught a taxi back and this is where the most hilarious memories started that we will never forget!
Starting with 1. "THE SPA" - With 2 pregnant chicks & myself, too much water & too much chocolate turned out to be a uncontrollable fit of laughter in a really bad game of twister! I think there was more water on the floor of the bathroom then in the actual spa!

2. THE SLEEPING QUARTERS - Well we dragged that mother of a matress out & basically couldn't put it back! We stayed up till about 2 am (a record for Laura) & as far as I know Melissa & I had a great sleep but Lucky laura got to listen to Melissa talking and myself snoring haaaa Poor Laura!

4. - THE MASSAGES - I have to start with 4 cause I put the pic's in the wrong place lol But This is Martine our Masseuse! We all got 30 min. massages and I have to say it was heaven! GOOO MARTINE! you rock!

3. THE CRUISE - We went on a Yarra River cruise and it was the nicest day! sunny & warm. We just sat on the back of the boat relaxing without kids & husbands! very refreshing lol

We had an AWESOME time together. Everything we did we had a coupon for or some kind of discount ... it was the cheapest BEST overnight getaway I have ever had and what better girls to do it with than your very best friends!


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