Once Upon a time, Mumma bear decided to make Gingerbread with her 2 young bears! Thinking it was a great idea to have fun and spend quality time with her cubs she let them have free reign on the dough mix .... baaaad idea mumma bear ... bad idea!
They mixed & mixed, Licked & licked Mumma bear was a little flustered with her cubs bouncing off her walls! They seem to be possessed by some evil sugar monster ....

Mumma bear went through a few recipe's as her first one resembled something that one would find in the middle of a cow paddock! So after some adjustments she got it right! ...

So the little ones ate and baked ... a very productive day by their standard! Mumma bears word of advice, before trying to clean up, check between little toes for chucks of dough and other small things they can spread over carpet and tiles that they may be trying to save for later !!

So the little gingerbread's eventually made it to the oven, and out they came nice and warm! Rylie bear held up her love heart with such pride ... though little baby bears disappeared before mumma bear was able to take a photo ... Mumma bear asked baby bear where did your bickie go .... Baby bear replied "GONE" ohhhh GONE !!! !

Next came decorating! another not so fun thing for mumma bear as icing can be sticky and again ... sugar is not her best friend! But she got through it and the cubs had a ball! Eating them was just as fun ... Mumma bear decided to write off her diet for that day .... Mumma bear is thinking she may have to include the month of December!

So then mumma bear decided that it was time to de-suger coat her cubs ... You would think Mumma bear would be happy at this stage, but as usual her bathroom was filled with water & suds! She sat there exhausted thinking ... Papa bear better ENJOY his gingerbread or some bears gunna get hurt!!!!

You know how the story goes, they lived happily ever after ... well they are still living and that's the main thing! THE END!


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