I thought I would post this on here also, as my good friend Sandy has! she is the brains behind this idea! But in a nut shell, we have sooooo many pages to get done so we are up to date on our scrapbooking! The way it's going to happen it we have a goal, and that goal is to produce 150 pages by Christmas 2008!

So far I have done 3 lol So that leaves me 147 to go! haaa Between looking after my 2 girls, working 2 half days a week, searching for a house to buy and doing those things a house wife does ... all I can do is try right? So like Sandy Pandy .... I'm going to keep a tally along the side there and show the latest layout that has been done!

And every now and then ask me how it's going ... if it's going at all


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