Pretty much every one knows Rylie is highly allergic to Eggs, Nuts and Sesame Seeds! Hence the Epi-Pen we carry around with us! But Rylie is a trooper! She knows she cant eat these things and when ever we go to a party or out to dinner before she touches ANYTHING she says one big breath "Does this have noeggsnonutsnoseeds" and I say yay or nay!

So when ever I can, I try to make her still feel included in all these yummy foods everyone else gets to eat like this chocolate cake with no EGG! Very nice I must say, and the Hubby doesn't even notice it's a no egg cake!

Operation No Egg - Mission Completed!


Cute post Mel. Holy heck your girls are getting so big! Time for the pitter patter of another Nauta I think!! hehe

29 April 2008 at 5:01 am  

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