Cat's Baby Shower was on the 21st September! I didn't get to post about it till now cause I think I was still getting over it! hehe I had allot of things to organize and this & that but overall it was a great day and best of all Catherine (my sister in law) really enjoyed her day!

Some games we played were Feed The Baby, in which both mother & baby were blind folded and had 1 min to feed their babies as much apple sauce as they could! Kiss the bear, (A good luck gesture for bubby) which was hilarious cause where ever they kissed the bear they then had to kiss the mum to be in the same place ... and it was fun to see Cat get a kiss on her bum! A few trivia questions here and there and we read out some baby advice that every one wrote down!

So it was a fun day, lots of good food and I just wanted to say a BIG thanks to Cat, and all my friends & family who helped with food and cleaning up afterwards! P.s I don't have all the pic's cause a certain Mother-in law of mine is holding on
dearly to her CAMERA!!!!


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