I love this time of year! Doing the whole festive thing! We got too excited and put the Christmas tree up a week ago lol I say put em up! the shops put them up flippin October so why not!
Plus the kids get to enjoy the decorations for longer! So here is our tree!

I love Silver & blue but Dirk wont let me have just those colours! he's a red man! so I added the bows! see I can compromise haaa! Though i find it hard with little fingers around this house! I had a spastic when I found half the tree un-decorated! I threatend the tree would be taken down and packed away this Christmas if anyone touched it lol haaa Like I would! But it works!

Today I made a Gingerbread house with the help of my friend Laura! Tomorrw we go to her house and put it all together! I'm so excited! Ill post the result tomorrow! Friday night is the RS Christmas activity and we are making CHOCOALTE Gingerbread houses! wahooo!


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