I'm finding Christmas more exciting every year, but I think what it is, is the excitement my kids have about Christmas! well Indiana doesn't really get it BUT its all still fun.
Dirk and I had our good friends over Laura & Stratton and their son Aston on Christmas Eve which made it nice for us! Before Rylie went to bed we left Chocoalte Milk and Choc chip cookies for Santa! said our prayers and off she went without a problem!

The girls got new bikes from Santa! Though Indiana's legs don't quite reach just yet! So she rode her old bike outside. They also got new couches! Santa thought he was smart bring TWO so they wouldn't fight over them, buuuut .... as usual! it still happens!

I made a few treats for Christmas day, my job was Apple pie and chocolates! 2 Thing I CAN do! I ended up making little paper bowls out of some scrapbooking paper and ribbon and a few eyelets for decoration! Turned out alright I think!

Ok now I have too many photo's so im going to go make a slide!


I Love the chocolate 'baskets'. You'll have to share your secret with me!

6 January 2008 at 7:39 pm  

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