I'm a little behind lately! I think I have some pretty legitimate excuses! It all started 4 days before christmas when I was on my way with the kids to a scrapbooking shop after seeing santa at daycare Christmas Party! It was a lovely day until a 12 tonne truck decided to kiss the back of my car .... Long story cut short- he didn't see that I had stopped when I WAS indicating to turn and SHMACK!

I was a little upset...like bawling! the steering wheel was bent, the back seat split in 2, kids were ok but I was just freaked! anywho story goes .... we have been without a car since 4 days before christmas (no no we HAVE had a car, a rental through their insurance co.) But we have been waiting to hear how much we get for our car so we can buy us a new crap hole!

So tomorrow is Monday and we have 3 cars to look at, wish us luck! I just want to not have to deal with finding a new car or deal with anything really ... and I just needed to vent!

So thank you for hearing me out and not talking back, or arguing or drawing on my carpet with black texta or running away from me in a BUSY shopping centre, vomiting on me or chucking a tantrum or pooing in your undies over and over and over and saying ooop's accident! Hogging the remote or making me watch cricket all day every day haa xox

I'm Ok.... I am!


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