This is how it works people ... I'll answer these questions, then at the end I'll Tag 2 people, and THEY copy and answer the questions and so on & so on ....

Jobs I've had:
Grape Picker, Checkout chick, Dish Pig (I washed dishes in a resturant lol) Waitress, Cleaner, Receptionist, Admin Officer, Data Entry Officer, WIFE, MOTHER !

Movies I watch over and over:
Fifth Element, Transformers, Mr Hollands Opus, Princess Diaries, The Notebook, & my childhood fav "The Princess Bride"

Places I've Lived:
Yarrawa(NSW), Muswellbrook(NSW), Melbourne (VIC)

Places I want to visit:
Just about everywhere...but USA would be my first stop!

Places I have visited:
hmmm, kinda sad, But QLD, NSW & Vic are about it!

TV Shows I watch:
Samantha Who?, Ugly Betty, NCIS, The Unit, Moonlight, Scrubs, Men In Tree's, hmm I'm sure there is more ...

Websites I visit:
Well all the blogs on my blog, then who ever is on their blogs! Ebay a fair bit, Essential Baby, Ikea, Pottery Barn - Even though I'll probly never get to see a store in my LIFE !!!

I TAG ... Silly Sally & Kathryn Anderson hehe :)


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