Well today was my first day back at work since I was about 7-8 months pregnant with my eldest who is now 3 1/2! So far my job is great & seems to be just getting better! There was a bit of mucking around on baby sitting issues on my VERY FIRST DAY! but thanks to my wonderful Visiting Teacher and great friend Holly, they were able to come to my house & do a 2 hour shift each! Good on ya Gals xox

So my brain has been used in places that have not functioned in quite some time! My head is feeling a little sore, though that may be from my attempt of taking my children food shopping after work, which in every case I 99% always try and pine them off somehow...usually to the MIL! BUT today I was feeling confidant and somehow thought I was invincible ...
My food shopping is still sitting on the kitchen floor, I have peered over to notice my 99% fat free ice cream is still sitting here...hmmmm oh and look TUBES my fav chips!
So the kids are showered, in bed, the Man is in the shower, I better be off I only have a few min before I'll have to share my chips, so it's time to get serious about stuffing my face!
Until next time ... I have nothing else really that important to say!


Grocery Shopping with two kids is HARD! Good on you for giving it a go. And congrats on surviving your first day of work.

12 February 2008 at 10:23 pm  

Glad you had a great day at work. did you ever get a foot rub??? By the way hunny, you have been tagged (don't you LOVE these??) check out my blog, look forward to seeing your answers. xo

17 February 2008 at 1:43 pm  

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