We drove 6 hours to Kapooka NSW, to see my 21 year old younger brother Christopher graduate & see his March Out Ceremony. It was a great sight to see my once scruffy, long haired, pants hanging around his bum crack, annoying little brother all dressed up looking, If I may say, dang alright lol haaa We wont be sayign that again!

Anywho, it was great, he did so well and passed everything! he is in the RAEME (Royal Australian Electrical & Mechanical Engineer) Aparenlty they only take on 2 a year in that section so we were all pretty excited he was accepted this past year.

We stayed in Wagga Wagga, about 5-10 min from Kapooka in a little cabbin & caravan park next to the Murrumbidgee River. It was so nice there, the kids played in the water and ran around. Deffinanlty will go back for a holiday there.


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