I promised R that I'd buy her a new pair of shoes while I was shopping the other day and I'm finding it hard to get anything decent. Along with the lack of options, R seems to only want GREEN things of late! If' it's green she'll take TWO! She wants us to paint her new bedroom green but we'll see ... that's another story!
So after looking and looking and looking a little more we found some shoes we were both happy with and frankly if they had been in my size I would have bought them too!
We even found some socks that had GREEN on them too, not that anything matches here, she thinks she looks great! and thas all that matters!
And sadly, I had to buy this shirt, it just seemed to top the day off!


The girl is hYlarious!!! I love the shoes!! and the shirt definitely is sooo Rylie! So I'm gathering you haven't made your mind up about the room yet???

22 May 2008 at 1:39 pm  

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