Well after 3 weeks of NO INTERNET I can honestly say that I have fallen apart and lost contact with every person I know! That either means I have no life and all my friends are made up and or are nerds like me! No offense guys!
So... In a nutshell... We packed (I packed) we moved (I watched people move me), Instead of staying at the inlaws for the weekend it turned into the WEEK! (I can now, not ever, be in that sunroom again), The girls had their 2nd & 4th birthdays (the slack mother I am didn't even give them a Bday cake - reasons to follow later on), we painted (Dirk painted) we replaced all skirting and architraves (again Dirk) and the carpet that was on the floor is now outside... thanks to Dirk!
I am sitting here right now with a computer in the kitchen, next to boxes of unpacked canned food and tupperware awaiting the house warming gift of a new kitchen pantry from the IL's ... I can hear kids fighting, a bit of crying and if Dirk forgets that pizza for dinner tonight there will be trouble! well not really, just that he will be hungry cause this mumma ain't cooking tonight!!!
SO now I am back in the land of blogging ... every now and then I may be able to post, I have no idea where my printer is so i can't show you any pics just yet, but don't worry, the before and afters are a comin!
I have waiting a long time for my own home, and to be able to renovate (Dirk renovate) now that it's here ... hmmmm... Did I mention my life has been saved by a dishwasher! ahhhhh DISHWASHERRRR.......I love you my dishwasher!


So I have decided I do not like not being able to talk to you!!! You my girl, are way too busy for my liking!! hehe

I hope all is going well... we SO have to catch up my girl!!

Love you sexy mumma.

31 July 2008 at 1:35 pm  

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