WHY ???

WHYYYY must we suffer?? Who was the bright spark that thought it would be funny to not only make pregnant womans boobs abnormal sizes, their pregnant belly resemble a watermelon or TWO, then also chuck in the added extra bonus of MORNING SICKNESS !!!????
Lucky me usually gets "Evening Sickness" but today ohhhhhh today! it had to be today, from the time I woke up to right now 6.30pm I have been talking myself out of throwing up till the cows come home! I'm quite good at it now I must say....
Almost passing out at church was not a good look, my Mother inlaw (the drug/panadol lady) didnt turn up to share with me the goods in her handbag! AND I managed to nab myself a calling as 1st councellor in Primary! Now don't get me wrong, Im excited about the calling, I'll be with a close friend sarah who is wonderful as president, but TODAY... today didn't work for me. Today I want to die... today I just want to ask Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ???


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