I didn't realise how long renovating really took. I mean of course you can't get it all done in a few weeks, but I'm getting bored with those bits in between where nothing happens, and you have to sit and look at what "NEEDS" to be done! As much as I want to get outside and get the backyard looking great and get me some drought resistant shrubs (cause I'm dang good at killing things that need watering !!) I can't... this whole pregnancy thing is slowing me down a little. I'm not a fan of the bending over bit, or the pulling out tree's bit or the moving rocks bit!....

But here is one room that is almost there. Our girls room! All I need now is carpet and their canvases on the wall and it's done! Later on The Man will make the draws to go under the bed for more storage. But since I know carpet isn't coming anytime soon! I'm going to pretend that it's all done and BE HAPPY!!!

Next room on the list... Babies Room !


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